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It is our mission to provide accepted, cost effective, timely, medically accurate, and up-to-date advanced teleradiology services to hospitals and outpatient care settings. We acknowledge and strive to meet the growing needs of the global medical community. We are dedicated and committed to provide the highest quality to all who are in need of our services and to the patients we serve through our clients

Cardiovascular Imaging Institute

We are offering interpretations in:

  • Coronary CCTA
  • Cardiac MRI
  • Echocardiography
  • Vascular Ultrasound
  • CT and MR Angiography
  • Nuclear Medicine Stress Testing

Our team is represented by both radiologists and cardiologists who are ACC level III certified and Board Certified in Caradiovascular CT by the Certification Board of Cardiovascular CT. MR and CT angiograms are interpreted by radiologists possessing CAQ in interventional radiology.

We are available to provide emergent and non-emergent cardiac CTA interpretations on a preliminary and final basis, day or night.

Additionally, we are the first teleradiology provider to start using novel FDA approved software called COR Analyzer developed by Rcadia Imaging. This is the first FDA approved CAD-like device and a triage tool available on the market.

Please see COR ANalyzer brochure:

COR II Analyzer Benefits

  • Automatic classification process resulting in more effective patient management
  • Reducing hospital admissions by enabling attending physicians to rule out Acute Coronary Syndrome more quickly
  • Study classification allowing operators to call in an "expert" only when needed
  • Overall ease of operation adding to time saving

Echocardiography and Nuclear Stress testing. In addition, our cardiologists are experts in all facets of Cardiac Imaging including echocardiography and Nuclear Stress Testing.

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